FoGuangYan Scenic Spot
  • FoGuangYan Scenic Spot
  • Foguangyan Scenic Spot
    Amazing landscape!
    The waterfall is best seen in summer time, when the rain makes it more powerful.
    The staff was lovely, the scenery truly worth a Chinese traditional painting.
    Note: This landscape has the English name of "Buddha Light Rock" and appears under a different name on Tripadvisor.
  • FoGuangYan Scenic Spot
Huashan Style Miao
Daba Style Miao
  • Daba Style Miao
  • Daba Style Miao people mainly live in Daba village of Donghuang township of Xishui county, and Huilong township.
    They call themselves as Red Miao, if you are interested in this group, do not hesitate to contact us by
  • Daba Style Miao
Maotai Town
  • Maotai Town
  • It is located on the bank of Chishui River in Renhuai City, surrounded by mountains and in a dangerous situation. Maotai Town is called the sacred place of Chinese liquor, and the liquor industry in the area has flourished. In 1915, Maotai Liquor won the gold medal at the Panama World Expo. In 1935, the Red Army of the Chinese Workers and Farmers crossed the Chishui River in Maotai during their long march.
  • Maotai Town
Banqiao Style Miao
The Zunyi Meeting Site
Chishui Great Waterfalls
  • Chishui Great Waterfalls
  • Chishui Great Waterfall, also known as Shizhangdong Waterfall, is located in the south of Chishui City, Guizhou Province, upstream of Fengxi River, a tributary of Chishui River, about thirty kilometers from Chishui City.
  • Chishui Great Waterfalls
Sidonggou Valley
  • Sidonggou Valley
  • Sidonggou means "Four Areas of Waterfalls" ie four cascaded waterfalls. For ease of walking our tour group dropped off between the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls and started to walk up to the 3rd, thence to the 4th (at the highest level). From the 4th waterfall we walked back down to the 1st, passing the 3rd and the 2nd on the way. It was an absorbing experience. The mountain path was not too difficult to handle. The whole mountain trip took 3-4 hours of average walking.
  • Sidonggou Valley


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