Luo Grand Opera in Tongren
  • Luo Grand Opera in Tongre...
  • Luo Grand Opera possibly comes from Han Chinese Culture, it was popular played in the army, praying for good luck and success in the future wars. It was ever used often 600 years ago, until the Han Chinese force of Ming dynasty endtered onGuizhou land. Not only the the Ming army arrived here, but also did their culture came here. Local Tujia people and Miao people believed it is a good way to win a good luck and drive away evil gosts and bad luck from their houses. Until today, this opera is still played on some special occassion.
  • Luo Grand Opera in Tongre...
Songtao Style Miao Group
  • Songtao Style Miao Group
  • Songtao style Miao mainly live on the border of Guizhou and Hunan provinces, because it is on the border and mountainous, so this area becomes a great region to hide Miao and Tujiao groups for long time. Tongren is near Fenghuang and also it‘s a northeastern gate of Guizhou to outsiders. That‘s the reason why the local Miao cultures are often influenced by outside Han Chinese culture.
  • Songtao Style Miao Group
Mt. Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve
  • Mt. Fanjingshan National ...
  • The most famous scenic area in this region is the Mt. Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve. It has a rich biological heritage and famously known as being sacred to Chinese Buddhism. It is highly popular with tourists during summer and autumn, which are without doubt the best seasons for a visit here.
    Mount Fanjing is the "first famous mountain  " in Guizhou, "the highest mountain in Wuling", located in border of northeastern Guizhou province, Yinjiang county, Jiangkou county, and Songtao county. Its highest peak - phoenix mountain with an elevation of 2572 meters above sea level, the pilgrimage place--Old Jinding (Mount Fanjing old Mountain) with an elevation of 2494 meters, the New Jingding (new mountain) of 2336 meters.
  • Mt. Fanjingshan National ...


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