• Go Shopping in Guizhou
    Go Shopping in Guizhou
    There are many high quality products and handcrafts to buy in Guizhou. There are so many ethnic groups in Guizhou, they are good at making handcrafts with bamboos, silk threads,rice, and even trees‘ bark.
  • Leigong Mountain National Forest Park
    Leigong Mountain National Forest Park
    Leigong Mountain, the highest mountain in Miaoling mountain range and the highest mountain in southeast Guizhou, lies in Leishan County, 1 hour‘s drive from Kaili (a famous tourism city of Guizhou province). It consists of ten peaks, which are all over 1800 meters high, the highest reaching 2178.8 meters.
  • Festivals Information 2024
    Festivals Information 2024
    Festivals are a good chance for local young guys to look for their girlfriends or boyfriends. It‘s a special way for girls and boys to show their best sides to others, the best sides are not only the dances, but also their traditional embroidery costumes and silver ornaments which are made by owners‘ father or bought from the nearby silversmith‘s hand.
  • Guizhou Travel Guide
    Guizhou Travel Guide
    Guizhou Travel Guide is to introduce Guizhou to outsiders, offering free Guizhou traveling information besides we organize tours online. Located in the Southwest of beautiful China, Guizhou is a natural encyclopedia of karst geoscience. Here, mountains,canyons, waterfalls,caves and lakes. Here, the winter without cold, the summer without heat. Here, 17 indigenous minorities liv...
  • Sisters Meal Festival
    Sisters Meal Festival
    Sisters Meal festival happens on the 15th day of the 3rd Chinese lunar month in villages around Taijiang county, it lasts 3 days.The Sisters‘ Meal Festival of Miao people is also called the "Eating Sisters‘Rice Festival", is known as the oldest oriental Valentine‘s Day. The festival held in Shidong area of Guizhou is of a strong ethnic characteristic and a grandest one. Du...
  • Lusheng Festival Tour in 2023
    Lusheng Festival Tour in 2023
    Lusheng Festival is the grandest festival in the Miao and Dong ethnic areas of Guizhou province. It is held once a year from the 26th day to the 29th day of the 9th lunar month. People from the cities and villages nearby get together to celebrate the good harvest and to greet the New Year. Lusheng is a reed-pipe wind instrument that is popular in the Miao, Yao and Dong ethnic ...


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Guizhou Travel Guide is about "Guizhou Discovery". Our travel agency is one of the earliest travel companies in Guizhou since 1984, and we are the specialists on Guizhou tour arrangement. Our company is located in Kaili city, the capital city of Southeast Guizhou. Most of our staff come from Miao or Dong tribes, we speak English, Chinese, Miao or Dong  as well. We believe that we know Guizhou culture much better than some others, because our roots are here and we love this land. What‘s more, we love learning. We can arrange tours in Guizhou that interest you most on your dates with your own driver and guide.We won‘t resell the fixed tours as others, we work with you to create your tailor-made unique trip. Every trip of ours is designed to your interests, and our tour operator will help you to make it.