A 24 switchbacks Road in Qinglong
  • A 24 switchbacks Road in ...
  • With 24 switchbacks -- count them -- the spectacular road twists and turns for two and a half miles up a remote mountainside in southwestern China. No longer in active use save for a handful of tourists and the occasional local on a motorbike, today the road stands quiet. But it once must have felt like a hair-pinned super highway.
  • A 24 switchbacks Road in ...
Malinghe River Gorge
  • Malinghe River Gorge
  • The scenic spot of Malinghe River Gorge is 6 km from downtown of Xingyi City. It was approved a third group of National Park of China by the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China in 1994; and it was authorized for the National Geopark of China by Ministry of Land and Resources of the PRC
  • Malinghe River Gorge
Wanfenglin Peak Forest
  • Wanfenglin Peak Forest
  • Peaks in Wanfenglin are not very high, but it serried like bamboo shoots and forms potential of the spectacular. When you look into the distance, the cinerous peaks and yellow-green fields enhance each other’s beauty; the curving Nahui River looks like a silver chain, which put villages along the way in series like pearl ring, it makes up a beautiful-widen natural scroll painting.
  • Wanfenglin Peak Forest


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