Lusheng Festival Tour in 2020
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Lusheng Festival is the grandest festival in the Miao and Dong ethnic areas of Guizhou province.  It is held once a year from the 27th day to the 29th day of the 9th lunar month. People from the cities and villages nearby get together to celebrate the good harvest and to greet the New Year. Lusheng festival is local ethnic groups‘ Thanks Giving Festival. Lusheng is a reed-pipe wind instrument that is quite popular in the Miao, Yao and Dong ethnic minorities of Southwest China.

Activities of Lusheng Festival

Many folk events are held during the festival, including a Lusheng dance competition, buffalo fighting, horse race and so on. The Lusheng is a sign and symbol of Miao ethnic culture. There are a lot of opportunities for visitors to take photos and enjoy the colorful minority customs. Dressing up in a lot of ornamental silver jewelry and wearing traditional costumes, thousands of girls and women go down from the villages to sing and dance. This festival provides opportunities for some young men and young women to get to know each other and find their mariage partners. The largest Lusheng Festival is held in Gulong township, near Kaili city.

If you are interested in festival tours,  you can continue reading our program below:
The Lusheng festival in Chong‘An and Gulong will fall on Nov.12-13 in 2020.
In this tour we can visit 3 different festivals.

D1(Nov.09) Arrive at Guiyang by flight or by high speed train
Our driver and guide pick you up and transfer to Kaili. It takes you 2.5 hours to Kaili. Stay overnight in Kaili

D2(Nov.10) Kaili-Fanzhao-Fanpai-Kaili
Visit the market in Taijiang County, and drive to visit remote Fanpai village and Fanzhao village. You can hike to visit Fanzhao village (30 minutes), and visit other villages on the way.
Stay overnight in Kaili

D3(Nov.11)  Kaili-Qingman-Shiqiao-Matang- Chong’an-Kaili
Visit Qingman Miao village, and Shiqiao Miao village, where you can see people making paper with trees‘ bark which can be dated back to 1,300 years ago in China. After you visit Shiqiao we drive to Chong’an, possibly have a chance to see a small festival in Chong’an today.   Drive back to Kaili

D4(Nov.12) Lusheng festival in Gulong!
Drive to visit Lusheng festival in Gulong, on the way back to Kail, visit other Miao villages. Drive back to Kaili. You’d better prepare your lunch today, since it is hard to find a good restaurant  in Gulong, locals mainly eat dog meat.  
Stay overnight in Kaili

D5(Nov.13) Rice Harvest festival in Danglang!  Kaili-Danglang-Kaili
Visit countryside on the way to Danglang.  Visit Rice Harvest Festival in Danglang today.
Stay overnight in Kaili

D6(Nov.14) Kaili-Langde-Guiyang
Visit Langde Miao village and drive back to Guiyang, the trip ends. 
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