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Festival Ethnic Groups Festival Villages Dates
Miao New Year Miao Villages around Congjiang
Jisashui Festival Dong Rongjiang, Congjiang area Jan.25
Spring Festival Activities Miao Kongshen Area Jan.25-27
Spring Festival Activities Dong Zhaoxing Jan.26-28
Lusheng Festival Miao Near Rongjiang Jan.26-29
Spring Festival Activities Dong Maogong Feb.04
Lusheng Festival Miao Wengyi Jan.28-30
Lusheng Festival Miao Yatang Jan.31-Feb.01
Lusheng Festival Miao Dafengdong Jan.30-Feb.01
Lusheng Festival Miao Lengshui Feb.01-02
Lusheng Festival Miao Xin‘guang Feb.02-03
Lusheng Festival Miao Tongmuling Feb.02-03
Lusheng Festival Miao Dazhong Feb.04-05
Lusheng Festival Miao Tonggu Feb.06-07
Tiaohua Festival  Miao Suoga Feb.03
Lusheng Festival Miao Yangchang Feb.05-07
Lusheng Festival Miao Baiyang Feb.07
Lantern Dragon Festival Miao Taijiang Feb.07-08
Lusheng Festival Miao Qingman, Taojiang Feb.07
Lusheng Festival Miao Longchang Feb.09-10
Lusheng Festival Miao Zhouxi Feb.12-13
Lusheng Festival Miao Nangao Feb.20-21
Huapao Catching Festival Dong Congjiang
Bridge Worship Festival Miao Jiuji Feb.24
Bridge Worship Festival Miao Zhaitou Feb.24
Bridge Worship Festival Miao Nangong, Taijiang Feb.24
Fan‘gu Festival MIao Qinglang Feb.24
Tiaohua Festival Miao Nankai March 03
Sisters Meal Festival Miao Shibing March 18
Sisters Meal Festival Miao Taijiang, Shidong April 07-09
Siyueba Festival Miao and Gejia Huangping, Huaxi April 30
Lusheng Festival Miao Bijie June 25
Dragon Boat Festival Miao Shidong July15
Liuyueliu Festival Bouyi, Miao, Zhuang Pingtang, Zhenfeng, Xiutang July 26
Rain Worship Festival Dong Huanggang Aug.04
Mountain Climbing Festival Miao and Gejia Xianglushan Aug.08-10
Liuyueliu Festival Miao Qingganglin July 26
New Rice Tasting Festival Miao Taijiang Aug.05
Qiqi Festival Miao Kaitang, Panghai Aug.05
Qiqi Festival Miao and Dong Basha, Yintang, Bapa Aug.25
Qiyueban Festivla Miao and Gejia Geyi and Matang Aug.31
New Rice Tasting Festival Miao Jiaobao Sept.04
Lusheng Festival Miao  Wengxiang Sept.11-12
Chongyang Festival Miao Villages around Kaili Oct.25
Lusheng Festival Miao, Gejia Chong‘an, Gulong Nov.11-13
Miao New Year Miao Leishan Area Nov.19-Dec.03
Miao New Year Miao Baibang Dec.17

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