6 Days Tour: Kaili-Jiabang-Huangguoshu
DAY 01      Arrival at KAILI by high speed train from other cities      

Highlights:   Boji Miao village—Shiqiao Miao village

Have breakfast in the hotel and heck out in the morning, transfer to Huaihua high speed train station, take high speed train to Kaili. Picked up by your guide at Kaili South Station, transfer to visit Boji Miao village, Shiqiao Miao village, where you can see people making paper with trees‘ bark. Transfer to Kaili, check into hotel in Kaili .


Highlights:    Jiabang rice terraced paddy fields

Breakfast in the hotel and check out, transfer to Rongjiang by highway, we will take local country road alone and drive to Jiabang, which is famous for terraced paddy field, walk to visit local villages. Overnight in Jiache, where the accommodation condition is not very good.


Highlights:  Fuzhong Miao village/Zhanli Dong village/Huanggang Dong village

Breakfast in the hotel, you can have a morning walk in along the peaceful rice terrace, and visit some local minority villages, such as Fuzhong Miao village, Zhanli Dong village and Huanggang Dong village. They still live a peaceful and traditional life there. Transfer to Zhaoxing, check into hotel in Zhaoxing.


Highlights:   Tang’an Dong village /Zhaoxing Dong village

Pay a visit to Tang’an Dong village, then hike down 2 hours from Tang’an to Zhaoxing. After the hike, we will transfer to Congjiang and take a high speed train from Congjiang to Guiyang North. Another bus driver will pick us and transfer to Anshun (2hours’ drive).


Highlights:  Huangguoshu waterfall National Park

Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to Huangguoshu waterfall national park. Huangguoshu waterfall means “Yellow-Fruit-Tree water fall”, which is one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia. It is 77.8 m (255 ft) high and 101 m (331 ft) wide. The main waterfall is 67 m (220 ft) high and 83.3 m (273 ft) wide. On top of the precipice opposite the waterfall stands the Pavilion for Enjoying the Waterfall. There is a 134 meters long water-curtain cave behind the waterfall down to the foot. Being in it, one can see the plunging water like numberless strings of pearls flying down over one‘s head and also the rainbows in the fine drizzle. It is really a spectacular view! In the middle part of the falls a cave arches into the cliff-side and is fancifully curtained by a sheet of water. Spend a whole in the national park.


Highlights:  Getu river scenic area

Breakfast in the hotel and check out, transfer to Getu river scenic area. "Getu" in the Hmong, free translation is "jumping to spend Holy Land." Scenic area, including large holes, scenic rivers, small holes area, rock area, and many independent demon attractions. There are a variety of scenic karst, you can see the deep canyons and complex landscape of the mysterious cave, magical and huge underground river system, the unique Karst virgin forest landscape. After finish the tour, transfer to Guiyang airport, end of service!


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