10Days Tour: Guiyang/Zhenyuan/Anshun
D1 Arrive at Guiyang airport, and transfer to Kaili(2.5 hours).
Stay overnight in Kaili

D2 Kaili/Getou Miao village/Leishan-Kaili
Visit Getou Miao village in the morning, and visit Datang Miao village(mini-skirt Miao) and Langde Miao village(long skirt Miao), in the afternoon. In Langde village there will be a greeting ceremony, the visitors are offered bowls of rice wine when they enter into the village.
Stay overnight in Kaili

D3 Kaili/ Rongjiang
Visit Qingman Miao village (Zhouxi style Miao), Shiqiao Miao village, where the local people still make paper with trees’ bark, which can be dated back to 1,300 years ago. Some of them make paper in the village, and some make it in the caves. After visiting Shiqiao, we drive to Rongjiang. On the way to Rongjiang, we visit some villages of Shui ethnic groups.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang

D4 Rongjiang/Congjiang 
Visit a local market in the morning in Rongjiang county and then drive to Yintan Dong village. On the way to Yintan, we can visit Jiali Miao group and Zengcong Dong village, where the locals still cannot speak Chinese well and they often wear Dong shiny clothes which are dyed with indigo water, and pounded by a wooden hammer time by time after they are painted with eggwhite.
Stay overnight in Congjiang 

D5 Congjiang/Zhaoxing
Visit Basha Miao village, Zhanli Dong village, Huanggang Dong village and Zhaoxing Dong village. 
Stay overnight in Zhaoxing

D6 Zhaoxing/ Longli/ Zhenyuan
Visit Longli ancient town in the morning,it has a long history of 1,000years in the morning, Longli was ever a military site, since it is on the border of east Guizhou and western Hunnan. Visit Zhenyuan ancient town which has a long history of 2,000years. Zhenyuan was ever a trade town because of Wuyang river passing through it and devide the town into two parts. Wuyang river goes to Yangze river, which brought trade chaces to locals.
Overnight in Zhenyuan 

D7 Zhenyuan/ Kaili
Visit Black Dragon cave temples in the morning and visit Flying Cloud Cliff temple on the way to Kaili in the morning. Black Dragon cave is not a cave, it is just a name of complex buildings, consists of Taoism temples, Buddhism temple and Conficianism Academy houses.  Visit Matang village of Gejia group, where we can see Gejia women making batik in the village.
Stay overnight in Kaili 

D8 Kaili/ Guiyang/ Anshun 
Visit Qingyan ancient town on the way to Anshun, and visit Tianlong Tunbao, where we can see Old Han Chinese people who came to Guizhou 600 years ago as military. 
Stay overnight at Anshun

D9 Anshun/ Ziyun
Visit some Miao churches and Miao villages in Ziyun area. 
Stay overnight in Guiyang 

D10 Guiyang/Guiyang airport
We send the guests to Guiyang airport. The trip ends.


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