10 Days Yunnan/Guizhou Tour:

Day 01 Arrive In Kunming 
Arrive in Kunming, our guide will meet you at the airport, visit the Western Hills by the Dianchi Lake and the Daguan Park. If time permits, visit the Qiongzhu Temple.
Western Hills: Located at the west bank of the Dianchi Lake, the Western Hills stretches from north to south for about 40 km. It has an excellent environment with lush vegetation, flourishing flowers and tranquil surroundings. The Dragon Gate is a group of grottoes carved into cliffs by Taoist monks between 1781 and 1835. 
Daguan Park: First built in 1682 by a monk, is known for its longest antithetical couplet in China.
Qiongzhu Temple: Situated 12 kilometers from the Kunming downtown area, it is a Buddhist temple established during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) as the first temple dedicated to Zen Buddhism. The temple is most renowned for the painted clay sculptures of the 500 Buddhist arhats. The quiet temple is surrounded by verdant woods and green bamboos affording crisp and cool air.

Day 02 Kunming - Lijiang 
Take morning flight to Lijiang.Tour to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Murals and Ancient Shuhe Village of Naxi people. Explore Lijiang Ancient Town.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: A holy mountain for the Naxi people that is located 15km north of Lijiang city with an altitude of 5600 meters (18,400 feet) above sea level. Visit villages of Naxi people.
Lijiang Murals: Made in succession from the early Ming dynasty to the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing dynasty. These mural paintings, with their fine and smooth lines, bright colors, vivid pattern and balanced and harmonious composition are a wonderful sight. 
Lijiang Ancient Town: It is situated on a plateau at an elevation of 2,600m and is impressive because of its scenery and lush vegetation. There is no other town in China like Lijiang which incorporates the folkways of so many people and the architectural styles of both north and south China.

Day 03 Lijiang 
Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the First bend of the Yangtze River. 
Tiger Leaping Gorge: Extending for 15 kilometers from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain of Lijiang to Haba Snow Mountain of Zhongdian, Tiger Leaping Gorge, with a drop of 3,000 meters, is believed to be one of the world‘s deepest canyons. The torrential Jinsha River, roaring and crashing over grotesque shaped rocks, produces a thrilling and stirring sight here. 
First bend of the Yangtze River: The Jinsha River, the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, rises in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and flows southward. When the river reaches Shigu Township of Lijiang County, it makes an abrupt turn and flows northward, forming a great V-shaped bend reputed as the First Great Bend of the Yangtze River.

Day 04 Lijiang - Kunming - Lunan 
Take flight back to Kunming. Take an excursion to the Stone Forest. Stay tonight in Lunan.
Stone Forest: The 26,000-hectare Stone Forest is located in Lu‘nan Yi Nationality Autonomous County, about 120 kilometers southwest of Kunming. The area is believed to have been originally under the ocean. With eons of movement of the earth crust the area rose and broke through. The limestone left behind went through sun, rain, wind, and earthquakes and finally developed into the beautiful stone forest we see today.

Day 05 Lunan - Shizong - Xingyi 
Drive 6 hours to Xingyi City in Guizhou Province. Xingyi is among the most representative examples of the evolution of Karst topography in China. On the way, stop over at Shizong County and visit the Local Tobacco Farm and a Country Market if time permits. Upon arrival in Xingyi, visit the Guizhou Folk Museum of the Wedding Rituals to learn about the unique wedding custom of the Miao and Buyi ethnic groups. Transfer to hotel.

Day 06 Xingyi 
Visit the Wanfenglin (Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks). There are almost 20,000 grotesque peaks in the Wanfenglin Scenic Area. It is ranked by the China Geography Magazine as one of the six most beautiful peak forests in China. Then tour to to the Maling River Canyon and go for a 2-hour hiking at the Tianxing Gallery (Heaven Star Gallery) in the scenic area. Many tributaries along both banks of the river form more than 100 waterfalls falling down to the deep valleys, creating the spectacular limestone waterfall cluster. Some of the waterfalls are over one hunred meters and with splendid sights.

Day 07 Huangguoshu Waterfall 
On the way to Huangguoshu, stop off at Zuoqi Black Miao Village to discover women‘s traditional costume with big earring, black turban and black cotton jacket. Then pay a visit to the Buyi People Village to see their traditional way of spinning and weaving.

Day 08 Huangguoshu Waterfall - Guiyang 
Today we visit the largest waterfall in Asia, the Huangguoshu Waterfall. with 316 feet high and 346 feet wide. Drive back to Guiyang. Upon arrival, visit the Jiaxiu Tower. Constructed on a huge rock in Nanming River, the Jaixiu Tower was first built around 17th century during the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt many times in the following years. The three-storey wooden Tower has been standing there for about 400 years. Then pay a visit to Qingyan Ancient Town which has a long history of more than 600 years.

Day 09 Guiyang - Kaili 
After breakfast, drive to Kaili. Visit a noted Long-skirt Miao Village with a close touch with the local families and appreciate the Miao people‘s typical architecture - Wooden Stilt House.

Day 10 Kaili - Guiyang - Departure
Learn the traditional way of paper-making and then visit another Long-skirt Miao Village, experience their unique folk culture. Drive back to Guiyang and transfer to the airport for your departure, end of service. 


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