Qiandongnan Transportation

As an important tourism region in Guizhou, Qiandongnan is equipped with aviation, railway, and highway. There are airport and railway station for tourists to visit the core area of Guizhou minority villages gathering. However, due to limited transportation between Kaili and other cities in China, tourists often get to Guiyang first and then take train or bus to Kaili of Qiandongnan.
How to Get to Qiandongnan
The transportation to Qiandongnan is very convenient, you can choose train, long-distance bus, airplane and other modes of transportation. 
There are two airports in Qiandongnan, Kaili Huangping Airport and Liping Airport, but with few flights. The nearest airport to Kaili is Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, which has large passenger flow and more flights. You may choose to fly to Guiyang first and then transfer to Qiandongnan by train or long-distance bus. 
Kaili Huangping Airport(凯里黄平机场)
Kaili Huangping Airport is located in Huangping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. With 1.5 hours driving from the downtown of Kaili, Kaili Huangping Airport began construction on February 8, 2012, passed the completion acceptance on April 27, 2013, and officially operated on October 2 of the same year. There are flights between Guiyang, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Guilin, etc. 
Liping Airport(黎平机场)
Liping airport officially opened on November 6, 2005, including the flights to Guiyang, Guilin, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities. It is 9 kilometers of straight-line distance and 20 kilometers of highway mileages from the county seat. 
Add: Jichang Road, Gaotun Town, Liping County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州黎平县高屯镇机场路
Tel: 0855-6328166/0855-6222299/0855-6328004
Railway Stations in Qiandongnan include Kaili railway station, Kaili south railway station, Zhenyuan railway station, Rongjiang railway station, Congjiang railway station and Sansui railway station. And there are daily trains from Guiyang to Kaili, Zhenyuan, Rongjiang, congjiang and Sansui. 
1. Kaili south railway station(凯里南站)
Kaili South Railway Station was put into operation on June 18, 2015. Kaili South Railway Station is one of the major stations in Guizhou section of Shanghai-Kunming High-Speed Railway, with more than 10 surrounding counties and cities of passenger flow radiation. It takes only 35 minutes to get to Guiyang North Station, 25 minutes to Sansui County and 35 minutes to Tongren South Station (Yuping East Station).
Add: Jinhui Avenue, Kaili City, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州凯里市金汇大道
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2. Kaili Railway Station(凯里站)
Address: No.237, Qingjiang Road, Kaili City, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州凯里市清江路237号
Tel: 0855-3812222
3. Zhenyuan Railway Station(镇远站)
Address: Xixiu Street, Zhenyuan County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州镇远县西秀街
Trains from Guiyang to Zhenyuan
Departure station: Guiyang Railway Station
Arrival Station: Zhenyuan Railway Station
Departure Time: 06:05, 09:32, 09:59, 11:08, 11:15, 15:05, 15:20
Duration: 3h41m-3h58m
Price: No seat/hard seat: 41.5 CNY; Hard sleeper: 87.5 CNY; Soft sleeper: 132.5 CNY
Note: These trains usually will stop at Kaili for 5-6 minutes. 
There is a exception, as follow: 
Departure station: Guiyang Railway Station
Arrival Station: Zhenyuan Railway Station
Departure Time: 13:08
Duration: 5h05m
Price: No seat/hard seat: 20.5 CNY
Note: There are 10 stops between Guiyang railway station and Zhenyuan railway station, duration of stay varies 2-6 minutes. 
Trains from Kaili to Zhenyuan
Departure station: Kaili Railway Station
Arrival Station: Zhenyuan Railway Staiton
Departure Time: 08:32, 12:08, 12:27, 13:42, 13:49, 17:37, 17:49
Duration: 1h14m
Price: No seat/hard seat: 14.5 CNY; Hard sleeper: 60.5 CNY; Soft sleeper: 90.5 CNY
There is a exception, as follow: 
Departure station: Kaili Railway Station
Arrival Station: Zhenyuan Railway Station
Departure Time: 16:23
Duration: 1h50m
Price: No seat/hard seat: 6 CNY
4. Congjiang Railway Station(从江站)
Address: Yimin Street, Congjiang County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州从江县移民街
Trains from Guiyang to Congjiang
There are at least 18 daily trains from Guiyang to Congjiang. The trains from Guiyang North Railway Station to Congjiang take 1 hour and 27 minutes to 1 hour and 46 minutes, and cost 107-172 yuan. While the trains from Guiyang East Railway Station to Congjiang take about one and a half hours, and cost 101-162 yuan. 
5. Rongjiang Railway Station(榕江站)
Address: Provincial Road 308, Rongjiang County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州榕江县308省道
Trains from Guiyang to Rongjiang
There are at least 11 daily trains from Guiyang to Rongjiang. The trains from Guiyang North Railway Station to Congjiang take about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and cost 86-139 yuan. While the trains from Guiyang East Railway Station to Congjiang take 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 24 minutes, and cost 80-129 yuan. 
6. Sansui Railway Station(三穗站)
There are direct trains from Guiyang and Kaili to Sansui County. 
Address: Gaozhai Village, Sansui County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州三穗县高寨村
Long-distance Bus
National highway 320 and Shanghai-Kunming expressway run through Kaili, extending in all directions. You can take long-distance bus at Guiyang Longdongbao Bus Terminal, Jinyang Bus Terminal or other bus terminals in Guiyang to Kaili, the capital of Qiandongnan prefecture. It takes about 2.5 hour for the whole journey.
Main Bus Stations in Qiandongnan
1. Kaili Chengnan Bus Terminal凯里城南客运站
Address: Yingbin Avenue, Kaili City, Qiandongnan黔东南自治州凯里市迎宾大道
Tel: 0855-8065018
2. Kaili Bus Terminal凯里客运站
Address: No.25, Wenhua North Road, Kaili City, Qiandongnan黔东南自治州凯里市文化北路25号
3. Leishan Bus Terminal(雷山汽车站)
Address: Xihuan Road, Leishan County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州雷山县西环路
Tel: 0855-3335035
4. Liping Bus Terminal(黎平汽车站)
Address: Kaitai Road, Liping County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州黎平县开泰路
Tel: 0855-6211274
5. Congjiang Bus Terminal(从江汽车站)
Address: Jiangdong South Road, Congjiang County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州从江县江东南路
6. Zhenyuan Bus Terminal(镇远汽车站)
Address: Xixiu Street, Zhenyuan County, Qiandongnan黔东南苗族侗族自治州镇远县西秀街
Tel: 0855-5715553
Guiyang-Kaili(By Long-distance Bus)
Departure Station: Guiyang Longdongbao Bus Terminal
Arrival Station: Kaili Chengnan Bus Terminal
Departure Time: 09:00, 10:00, 11:20, 12:20, 13:20, 14:10, 15:20, 16:20, 17:20
Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: 70 CNY
Note: There are also travel buses available from Guiyang to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village. 
How to Get Around Qiangdongnan
At present, almost all city and counties in Qiandongnan have buses in their urban area and county seats. The operating time of different bus routes is varying, generally from 06:00 to 22:00. And the fare is usually 1-2 yuan. 
When getting around a city or county, taxi is always a good choice, convenient and efficient. Accordingly, it costs more than public bus. Taxis in the Kaili City and other counties of Qiandongnan may charge differently.
Regular bus
In addition to trains, regular bus(班车) is another major means of transportation in southeast Guizhou. There are regular buses running between city and counties every day. And it is popular among locals. 


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