Mt.Fanjingshan Tour
Arrive at Tongren by train and overnight in Tongren, take a good rest for next day‘s tour.
Visit Miao King Village and Fanjingshan today.
Miao King village is located near Tongren city, it used to be isolated from towns, and hidden among the hills, a Miao king treated that small area as his land, being out of government‘s control until 1949. This village is connected by a river with outsider world.
In the past, local people runs business of salt, silver, and even opium products. They even had private guns to protect their family members and they themselves, because there were a lot of bandits and robbers living west Hunan and Guizhou, which was a danger to local Miao villages.
After 1949, Chinese communist government helped them, cleanuped all the bandits and robbers around, so the locals gave up their private guns, they do not have guns anymore. Although they can use guns for hunting wild animals, but due to Chinese law of gun use, Chinese citizens cannot own a private gun.
You can take a boat driving along the river.

Mount Fanjing is the main peak of Wuling Mountains, located at the junction of northeast river mouth of Guizhou province, Yinjiang, Songtao County, with an elevation of 2572 meters, and it is the first mountain in Guizhou. Mount Fanjing is big and bold, close to the cloud, is considered as early as “the first mountain among famous mountains”, and is a famous Buddhist holy land. Mount Fanjing in 1986, was listed as national nature reserve, with a total area of 567 square kilometers, in the same year it was awarded as international biosphere reserve network, known as the "treasure of the earth and human", and it is one of the members of China 14 projects of "man and biosphere" of United Nations global nature reserve. Mount Fanjing was identified as the world‘s most well-preserved primeval forest with protection in the same latitude, under the ancient stratum of 10-1.4 billion years ago, with more than 2600 kinds of biological reproduction, there are ancient plant and animal species of 70 million to 2 million years ago, tertiary, quaternary,  which become a rare ecological human kingdom. There are beautiful Alpine rhododendrons; Dovetree bloom, tall and straight "Heaven" crape myrtle, and rare animals like Guizhou golden monkey.


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