6Days: Handcrafts Making and Village Life Experience in Guizhou
Day1 Arrival at Kaili Nan Railway station by high speed train, meet your local guide and driver, transfer to Shiqiao Miao village which is famous for paper making with trees’ bark by Miao group, this technology can be dated back to 1,300 years ago.  The paper making skill is called Tang Dynasty Paper Making. If time permits, we learn paper making this evening. If not, we can arrange it in next morning. The paper making learning will be arranged in a cave, the underground river water from which is quite clean, and good for the paper quality.
Overnight in Shiqiao

Day2 Shiqiao-Qinagman-Matang-Wudong

Visit Qingman Miao village, in Qingman we learn how to make cloth on a loom machine with cotton threads, and learn how to make pleated skirts and embroidery. Drive to Matang of Gejia village, and learn how to make batik with wax.
After our traditional handcrafts learning finished today, we drive to Wudong Miao village which is located on Mountain Leigongshan, the village is about 1400m high. If we arrive their early, we can go fishing with Miao group’s bamboo baskets in the local rice paddy field and the hostess will teach or show us how to cook Miao famous cuisine-Suan Tang Tu (Soup Soup Fish) after we get fish.
Overnight in Wudong Miao village

Day3 Wudong-Zhenyuan

This morning we will learn how to make tea. Visit the local tea plantation, pick tea leaves and bring back the Miao family homestay, the hostess will teach you how to make tea, Drive to Zhenyuan, and ancient town which as a long history of 2,000 years. Visit QinglongDong(Black Dragon Cave) ancient architectural complex of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, and enjoy the night views of Zhenyuan.
Overnight in Zhenyuan

Day4 Zhenyuan-Zhaoxing
Take a long drive of 3.5hours on the highway to Zhaoxing, visit Zhaoxing Dong village in the morning, and take local scenic bus to Tang’an and start our 1.5h’s hike down the hills to Zhaoxing, passing through the terraced paddy fields.
Enjoy the Dong Chorus Show in Zhaoxing. Dong culture is called river culture, they live near the rivers and good at singing naturally. They often say, rice fills their stomachs, and songs fill into their hearts.
Overnight in Zhaoxing

Day5 Zhaoxing-Basha Miao village-Huanggang-Zhaoxing
Visit Basha Miao village, which is the last gun tribe in China, and drive to visit Huanggang Dong village, it shall be one of the remotest Dong villages at the moment, Dong culture here is preserved so well, most people still wear indigo dyed clothes, and grow cottons and indigo grass in their fields. Almost everything for their family use is made from their hands.

Day6 Zhaoxing-Congjiang Railway Station
Take a bullet train from Congjiang to Guiyang, the trip ends.


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