Eight Days Trip to Explore Remote Villages in Guizhou
Seven Days Tour Guizhou Famous Attractions
  • Seven Days Tour Guizhou F...
  • This 7 days Guizhou tour will give you overall impression about the diverse Guizhou Province. You’ll start from the heart of Guizhou in its capital city - Guiyang and transfer to Anshun City to admire the largest waterfall in Asia - Huangguoshu Waterfall and reach the Miao and Dong ethnic groups’ habitat in Southeast Guizhou for several days’ deep cultural exploration. All of the destinations, tourist attractions and ethnic villages can be called the CLASSIC ones that you won’t leave any regrets when taking this tour.
  • Seven Days Tour Guizhou F...
Six Days Travel of Villages and Nature Exploration
9 Days Xingyi-Guiyang-Congjiang
6 Days Highlights in Guizhou
6 Days Tour Huangguoshu/Xijiang
6Days: Handcrafts Making and Village Life Experience in Guizhou
  • 6Days: Handcrafts Making ...
  • There are many secrets in Guizhou, especially the traditional handcrafts and beautiful wooden hourse on hills are worth an experience for outsiders, no matter he is a Chinese or a foreigner.
    The batik making, embroidery making and paper making can bring your time back to 600 years ago.
  • 6Days: Handcrafts Making ...
3 Days Discover Southeast Guizhou
5 Days Tour: Kaili/Langde/Jiabang/Zhaoxing
8 Days: Huangguoshu/Zhenyuan/Zhaoxing/Guiyang
5 Days Tour: Guiyang/Huangguoshu/Zhijin Cave
5 Days Tour: Hiking in Guizhou


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Guizhou Travel Guide is about "Guizhou Discovery". Our travel agency is one of the earliest travel companies in Guizhou since 1984, and we are the specialists on Guizhou tour arrangement. Our company is located in Kaili city, the capital city of Southeast Guizhou. Most of our staff come from Miao or Dong tribes, we speak English, Chinese, Miao or Dong  as well. We believe that we know Guizhou culture much better than some others, because our roots are here and we love this land. What‘s more, we love learning. We can arrange tours in Guizhou that interest you most on your dates with your own driver and guide.We won‘t resell the fixed tours as others, we work with you to create your tailor-made unique trip. Every trip of ours is designed to your interests, and our tour operator will help you to make it.