6 Days:Guiyang to Longji

Day1 Arrival at Guiyang and transfer to Kaili city.
On the way to Kaili, visit Shiqiao Miao village, where the local Miao people still make paper with trees’ bark by hand, which could be dated back to 1,300 years ago in China(Tang Dynasty). And visit Boji Miao village
Overnight in Kaili 

Day2 Kaili-Zhenyuan
Visit Matang village of Gejia group, to see local people making batik with wax, on the way to Zhenyuan, we visit Flying Cliff temples, and visit Wuyang river by cruise, and Black Dragon cave temples, consists of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.
At night, visit the night view of Zhenyuan ancient town which has a long history of 2,000years.
Overnight in Zhenyuan Mingcheng hotel

Day3  Zhenyuan-Langde Miao village-Wudong
Visit minority market in Shidong, which happens every 6 days, and thought to be one of the most interesting markets in southwest China, local Miao people selling and buying animals, indigo paste, embroidery pieces, paper cutting, and even silver ornaments in the market. On the way to Wudong, we visit Maliao Miao village, and take a short trek from Maliao to Kaijue(if the weather is good), it takes 2 hours.
Overnight in Langde Wudong homestay

Day4 Langde-Rongjiang
Visit Datang Miao village(mini-skirt Miao), and see how the local people store rice in their wodden rice storage above the water, visit Wuji Miao village(Guzhong stlye Miao), and QIaoben village of Shui minority group.
Overnight in Rongjiang 

Day5 Rongjiang-Huanggang 
Visit morning vegetable market in Rongjiang, and visit Gaodong Miao village, Basha Miao village, Zhanli Dong village, and Huanggang Dong village. 
Overnight in Zhaoxing 

Day6 Zhaoxing-Congjiang-longji
Visit Sanhuang temple in Heli, and Chengyang wind and rain bridge on the way to Ping’an.
Overnight at Ping’an hotel


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